Easy Korean Words to Learn

We know learning Korean can be intimidating, but we’ve listed 100 words you can learn easily here in this article. These are simple to pronounce, easy to read, and easy to remember. A great way to start your memory bank of Korean words! Ready? Let’s start! 개 (gae) = dog […]

Space Words in Korean

Vocabulary in this infographic: 우주 (u-ju) = Universe, Space 별 (byeol) = Star 우주비행사 (u-ju-bi-haeng-sa) = Astronaut 위성 (wi-seong) = Satellite 별자리 (byeol-ja-ri) = Constellation 은하 (eun-ha) = Galaxy 행성 (haeng-seong) = Planet 우주선 (u-ju-seon) = Spaceship 외계인 (we-gye-in) = Alien

School Subjects in Korean

School Subjects in Korean

List of vocabulary in this infographic: 영어 (yeong-eo) = English 수학 (su-hak) = Math 미술 (mi-sul) = art 역사 (yeok-sa) = history 과학 (gwa-hak) = science 음악 (eum-ak) = music 생물학 (saeng-mul-hak) = biology 체육 (che-yuk) = physical education 지리학 (ji-ri-hak) = geography