Cooking ingredient Vocabulary Words in Korean

Cooking ingredient vocabulary in Korean

List of words in this infographic: 식초 (sik-cho) = Vinegar 간장 (gan-jang) = Soy sauce 케첩 (ke-cheob) = Ketchup 계피 (gye-pi) = Cinnamon 고춧가루 (go-chut-ga-ru) = Chili powder 베이킹소다 (be-i-king-so-da) = Baking soda 베이킹파우더 (be-i-king-pa-u-deo) = Baking powder 참기름 (cham-gi-reum) = sesame oil 마요네즈 (ma-yo-ne-jeu) = Mayonnaise

Jagiya Meaning – What Does Jagiya Mean?

Jagiya meaning

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Difference Between 누구 and 누가

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How to Say ‘Where Are You’ in Korean

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How to Say ‘Everyone’ in Korean

If you want to address a group of people all at once, you’ll need to know the correct words and situations to use. Let’s look at the different words for ‘everyone’. 여러분 (yeo-reo-bun) This is a word that is used often and you may even already recognize it. It’s one of the first words my … Read more

How to Say ‘Come Here’

How to say come here in Korean

Ready to learn some more useful phrases? Today, we’re covering how to say ‘Come here’ in Korean. This was one of the first phrases I learned as I heard it constantly in public, and in Korean dramas. This will be a short post since the phrases are very simple and short. Let’s begin. 이리 오세요 … Read more

How to Say ‘Are You Okay’ & ‘It’s Okay in Korean’

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How to Say ‘Good Afternoon’ in Korean

How to say good afternoon in Korean

If you wanted to greet someone in Korean with a polite ‘Good afternoon’, how would you do it? Well, the first thing you should know is that there is no direct translation of ‘Good afternoon’ in Korean. Some faulty translators may give a direct translation such as ‘좋은 오후’ but it’s awkward, and Koreans would … Read more