Easily Learn Over 1,500 Korean Words & Phrases

The Perfect Visual & PDF Resource for Beginners

Tell us if this is you...

• You've got a cool circle of Korean friends (or a special someone), and you'd like to connect more with them.

• You love Korean culture & food.

• You love Kpop and/or Kdramas and want to understand more.

• You're looking for a fun new language to learn.


Let us introduce you to the Korean Language Starter Pack


Learning the Korean language can feel like you're standing in front of a huge wall that you need to struggle to climb over. 


But with visual learning,  it's fun, interesting, more rewarding,  and it's easier to remember what you've learned!


Our Korean Language Starter Pack is here to help! With infographics,  audio, word lists, and worksheets, you'll learn thousands of words and phrases and connect more with your Korean interests.

What's included?


This Starter Pack is a bundle of 4 separate ebooks focused on learning basic Korean vocabulary and phrases. With these ebooks you will:


Clearly & correctly pronounce each Korean word or phrase.

• Learn the casual and formal forms of phrases and when to use them.

Use hundreds of image & graphics to remember what you've learned.

• Feel less pressure and more gain more confidence as a beginner!



Let's take a look at the ebooks included...


Korean Infographic Compilation

It's said that at least 65% of people are visual learners, and even if you're not, images are more impactful and memorable than simple text. 


This first ebook is packed with 150 unique and informative Korean infographics on hundreds of different topics. With Hangul, Romanization, translations, and audio provided, there's no guesswork on how to pronounce and read each word or phrase.


View a PDF sample for vocabulary here.

View a PDF sample for phrases here.


Weekly Vocabulary Guide


Here, you can find even more infographics and deeper lessons to kickstart your Korean vocabulary. These are a bit more structured and 16 lessons are included that you can complete at your own pace.


Audio and printable practice worksheets help you retain what you learn.


View a PDF sample here.


Cheat Sheets / Word Lists


Want to learn and quickly reference new words you've learned? Just save these to your digital device and whip them out for review. You can even print them out and write your own little notes and highlights.


These 17 Korean word lists (at least 100 words per sheet under 17 topics) ensure you always have access to the most commonly used Korean words.


View a PDF sample here.

Review Flashcards

Flashcards engage recall and repetition and leads to 150% better retention than just passively studying. 

With this ebook, you will find 600 must-know Korean words from our most popular infographics that can be printed and cut for your personal use. Additional flashcards will be added periodically and sent to you free of charge!

View a PDF sample here.

Who are we?


Hey there! We are an interracial couple living in South Korea who teach basic Korean using infographics.


We initially started our site to make comics that followed our relationship, but it eventually evolved into teaching Korean words and phrases with infographics. Since many beginners were finding them helpful, we kept making them!


We chose this format since infographics are visually appealing, easily shareable, and easy to understand for anyone.


What format does the Starter Pack come in?Everything will be contained in 5 different zip files that you can download individually. Once downloaded, the ebooks will be in PDF format and audio will be in mp3 format.

Do I have access to this package forever?Yep! You're also entitled to free updates whenever we make updates to it.

Who is this ebook package for?This is for anyone looking to start learning more Korean phrases and words at the basic level.

If you're intermediate or advanced, then this will more than likely be too easy for you (but you may still find it a fun resource to have).

What's your policy on refunds?Here at Dom & Hyo, you have a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you honestly don't like this package for any reason or just didn't find it useful, just let us know within 30 days, and we will offer you a full refund.


Great bundle. Free updates included as well!


Kelli - August 17th, 2021

Very helpful

A good vocabulary reference for those looking to begin studying Korean! Many of the infographics are very colorful and engaging, but maybe change the backgrounds to white for easier printing. I am using this as a supplement with other Korean study materials.


Claire - August 8th, 2021

Great package offer

The materials are so well done! Nice looking specifically for kids which is important. One point that is also outstanding and most of the time forgotten is how you have put some of the important parts with context. Learning why and when to use this or that is also fun and important to learn. So hopefully my son will continue to learn Korean as for now he loves to.


David - August 3rd, 2021

Nice resource for beginners

I'm a bit past the beginner level but still found the infographics pretty useful. I've printed out many of them into a little binder for quick reference. One suggestion for the flashcards in future updates is to add pictures to those as well.


LaBre' - July 24th, 2021

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