Anyone, Anything, & Anywhere in Korean

One of the most common words you will hear in Korean is ‘아무 [(a-mu]’. It’s the equivalent of ‘any’ in English and is used in many different contexts and situations. It can only be used with nouns. Just like ‘anyone’, ‘anything’, and ‘anywhere’, you can add ‘아무’ to other nouns. Learning these can be a … Read more

Korean Birthday Vocabulary

Korean birthday vocabulary

Happy birthday! Today, we’re bringing you some common and useful words related to birthdays in Korean. like everywhere else in the world, Koreans celebrate birthdays with cakes, parties, and presents. They’re usually pretty fun occasions and there’s usually lots of good food to be had. Want to learn how to say ‘Happy birthday’? Check out … Read more

Dental/Dentist Vocabulary in Korean

Dental/dentist vocabulary in Korean

Love going to the dentist? Hate going to the dentist? Either way, you will need to know some important words if you need to find a dentist or dental supplies to keep your teeth looking nice and healthy. One thing you may notice about several words in the infographic is that many of them have … Read more

Cooking Utensils Vocabulary in Korean Infographic

Welcome to another post related to different food and cooking-related words in Korean. You can check out our other posts on food here: Types of Food Part 1 Types of Food Part 2 Cooking Ingredients Taste For this post, you will learn some common utensils that are used in the kitchen. Since these are used … Read more

Cooking ingredient Vocabulary Words in Korean

Cooking ingredient vocabulary in Korean

List of words in this infographic: 식초 (sik-cho) = Vinegar 간장 (gan-jang) = Soy sauce 케첩 (ke-cheob) = Ketchup 계피 (gye-pi) = Cinnamon 고춧가루 (go-chut-ga-ru) = Chili powder 베이킹소다 (be-i-king-so-da) = Baking soda 베이킹파우더 (be-i-king-pa-u-deo) = Baking powder 참기름 (cham-gi-reum) = sesame oil 마요네즈 (ma-yo-ne-jeu) = Mayonnaise

Jagiya Meaning – What Does Jagiya Mean?

Jagiya meaning

Terms of affection are very common in Korean, and there are quite a few you can use depending on your relationship with the person. For today, we’re going to talk about ‘jagiya’ and what it means and when to use it. Meaning The basic meaning of this word is the equivalent of ‘baby’, ‘honey’, or … Read more