How to Say ‘Hurry Up’ in Korean – Make it Quick!

How to say hurry up in Korean

South Korea has a reputation for moving and working fast. Pretty much everything is done is a quick manner and while it works a lot of times, it can also have its downsides. The words and phrases for ‘hurry up’ are shouted loudly on a daily basis here. We’ll teach you some of these phrases … Read more

How to Say ‘Home’ in Korean – Many Different Ways

How to say home in Korean

A home is like your castle. Your refuge to go and feel comfortable away from all the stresses and problems of life. How would you say home in Korean? Let’s show you how today! There are a few words you can use to refer to your home in Korean. We’ll go through the common words … Read more

Korean Banking Vocabulary – Useful Words to Know

Korean Banking Vocabulary

If you ever come to South Korea to live for an extended period of time, you’ll need a bank account. You’ll also need to interact with the bank workers for help with your deposits, security, and other transactions on occasion. This is a part 1 for this series. These words will be useful to you! … Read more

How to say ‘Wait’ in Korean – Just a Minute!

How to say wait in Korean

Wait to tell someone to wait a minute? There are lots of ways to express this in Korean with different words and phrases. These are good to know if you want to show politeness at the same time. So let’s teach you some of these today! 기다리다 (gi-da-ri-da) You may have seen or heard this … Read more

How to Say ‘I Hate You’ in Korean – Miweo!

How to say I hate you in Korean

Hate is a strong word to use towards someone. You really have to dislike the person to use it. We also say ‘I hate you’ as a joke when someone plays a prank or jokes around with us as a way of bonding. So how would you say this phrase in Korean? Let’s get right … Read more

How to Say Shut Up in Korean

How to say shut up in Korean

When saying ‘shut up’ in English, it’s a pretty rude phrase to say to someone. Only with a few exceptions would it be thought of with no negative connotations as all. In Korean, it’s also rude, but even more so than in English, and it’s like your cursing at someone or trying to start a … Read more

How to Say Crazy in Korean – Be Careful!

How to say crazy in Korean

In English, crazy has evolved where it doesn’t always have a negative connotation. For example, you could say “That movie was crazy!” which means it was good. Or you could similarly say “That party was crazy.” No one would think you are rude if you were to say crazy in these contexts. In Korean, using … Read more

How to Say Best Friend in Korean – Who is Your BFF?

How to say best friend in Korean

All of us have lots of friends, but there’s only a select few we can call our best friends. So how would you call your best friend in Korean. There are a few words you can use. Most are common and standard, but a few are thought of as slang words. Let’s show you some … Read more

How to Say Excuse Me in Korean – Yogiyo!

How to say excuse me in Korean

You’re on the crowded train or bus, and you need to get through. You’re at the market, and someone’s cart is in the way. How can you politely say ‘excuse me’ so you can get by? Well today, we’re going to show you how. Now there are lots of different situations you can use the … Read more