How to Say Old Lady in Korean – Be Careful not to Offend!

When referring to a person in Korean, very rarely is the actual name of the person used. Instead, different titles are applied depending on age, social hierarchy, and family. A common word that people know is ajumma (아줌마). This roughly translates to something like an older woman or married woman, however, you have to be … Read more

How to Say Puppy in Korean – Cute Puppies in Korean!

How to Say Puppy in Korean

It’s been really interesting seeing how dog ownership has increased in Korea over the last decade or so. In the past, dog ownership wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, and even when people did own a dog, they were mostly used as guard dogs and/or kept outside and not in the house. However you … Read more

How to Say ‘My Name is’ in Korean – Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself is a big part of any language or culture. It’s polite and how else would people know who you are?! I’m notorious for forgetting names, but with Korean, I remember them easily for some reason. So how would you introduce yourself in Korean? There are several ways of introducing yourself which we will … Read more

How to Say Merry Christmas in Korean

Who’s ready for the holiday season? Even in the warmer months, I’ve always looked forward to Christmas as it reminds me of being with my family back home in the states. It also meant great food and the feeling of exchanging presents. Here in Korea, Hyo has always tried to recreate that feeling since I’m … Read more

How to Say Sky in Korean – Enjoy the Clear Skies!

Everyone loves a blue sky, especially after a few cloudy days or a day of rain. It makes you feel happy and alive. Your mood brightens and things just feel right with the world. How do Koreans say sky in Korean? Well, for starters, it’s considered one of the more “beautiful” words in Korean. Not … Read more

How to Say Have a Good Day in Korean – Good Day Sunshine!

We’ve covered different phrases for greetings and goodbyes here, so here is another addition to your arsenal. If you want to tell someone to have a good day in Korean, there are many ways to do so. However, when you hear Koreans greet and say goodbye to one another, have a good day is used … Read more

How to Say Happy in Korean

Learning how to express your emotions is a cornerstone of learning a language. So how would you express the fact that you are happy in Korean? Well there are actually two ways of expressing this emotion. For starters, let’s learn about the adjective 행복하다. This is the most common form of the word happy you … Read more

How to Say Beautiful in Korean

Hey everyone! For today’s phrase, we will be talking about how to say beautiful in Korean. We did an earlier post on how to say pretty here, so you can check that one out as well. Let’s start with the dictionary form for the word beautiful: 아름답다 (a-reum-dab-da) The pronunciation might look difficult at first, … Read more