How to Say Milk in Korean

How to Say Milk in Korean

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If you love milk, why not learn how to say it in Korean so you can ask a friend for some? The word for milk is 우유 (u-yu). Really easy to remember right? If you need a bit of help, just remember that the first syllable sounds a lot like “moo”.

Korea has lots of flavors of milk that you can find at the supermarkets (like most places across the world). For example:

딸기 우유 (ddal-gi u-yu) = Strawberry milk

바나나 우유 (ba-na-na u-yu) = Banana milk

초코 우유 (cho-co u-yu) = Chocolate milk

매론 우유 (me-lon u-yu) = Melon milk

The banana flavored milk drink has been one of the most popular drinks in Korea since the 70s and continues to get more and more popular outside of Korea as well.

Some other vocabulary you might want to know just in case you need to go shopping for these products:

연유 (yeon-yu) = Condensed milk

증발 우유 (jeung-bal u-yu) = Evaporated milk

저지방 우유(jeo-ji-bang u-yu) = Low fat milk

아몬드 우유 (a-mon-deu u-yu) = Almond milk

두유 (du-yu) = Soy milk

코코넛 밀크 (ko-ko-neot mil-keu) = Coconut milk


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