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So yea, we basically ended up about 30 minutes away from our stop in Incheon. Hyo was sleeping pretty well too and we also had a busy day the next day. For whatever reason (maybe because I was half awake), “Siheung ” sounded like city hall in Korean (Si-cheong) so I thought it was our stop. Actually I thought we arrived pretty fast when I heard it, but I thought it was just because I was sleeping (time flies when you sleep).

Anyways afterward, we ended up taking a cab to our homes (ended up being about $22) and I paid for it because it was my mistake after all. Hyo wasn’t really that upset, and she forgave me easily, but it was still an embarrassing mistake.

And thus ended out day of bus troubles.

4 thoughts on “Episode #62: Bad Bus Day Pt. 2

  1. Kahi says:

    Too funny!!! Because you heard “City Hall”, you automatically fill in the word Incheon in your head 😛

  2. Ddong Man says:

    Saved by the ubiquitous Korean taxi. 만세!

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