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So yea when dating someone from another culture, you sometimes forget that you guys will just not know or understand popular culture references from the past or even right now. Miley Cyrus has gotten a lot of attention lately and a lot of it for twerking which she seems to be obsessed with. I don’t know how we got on the topic of her, but when I brought up twerking, Hyo obviously didn’t know what it was.

Her pronunciation of it was hilarious but cute as well. I thought it would be best if the knowledge of twerking be kept from her because I wish I didn’t know about this horrible abomination of a dance that has been cast upon society….though she might Google it after this post.

10 thoughts on “Episode #49: Twerking?

  1. Michael Aronson says:

    “It’s for your own good, honey.”

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      “I’m helping you…can’t you see that?”

  2. Ddong Man says:

    Don’t worry Hyo, I have no idea either.

    • Hyo says:

      Hyo : thank you Ddong Man 🙂 i need to study more haha

    • Mindy Suk Gwinn says:

      Ahhh don’t watch it. Save your eyes from never being able to unsee that horrible scene she made.

  3. Denversun says:

    Miley needs to reconnect with her roots…or something. Or just disappear…or something.

  4. Cassie says:

    You should’ve demonstrated for her. hehe But really, she’s better off not knowing.

  5. Connielicious88 says:

    miley, good girl gone bad.. maybe her idol is britney and lindsay..she looks like justin bieber now but i hope she will be okay.. uhm, she’s okay but she should be aware on her actions in public coz a lot of kids and teenager idolize her…

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