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Seoul Metro Lines

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The Seoul Metro is one of my favorite things about living in Korea (especially coming from Detroit where public transport is virtually non existent), so I decided to make a simple graphic on the 19 subway lines, their length, and the year they opened. It was pretty interesting researching when each line opened and seeing how fast and how big the system has become since Line 1 opened.

I actually hate Line 1 the most as I can usually never sit down, and it always seems to be the most crowded line that I take. I live in Incheon now, so I frequent Incheon Line 1. Incheon Line 2 is being built right now which should open in 2014. Click on the graphic for a closer look.

Which lines are your favorite and which ones do you take the most often?

7 thoughts on “Seoul Subway Graphic…Line Lengths and Years Opened

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Thanks! Yea I primarily work in AI with a little bit of PS mixed in…Do you work with AI often?

      • Ray Chetti says:

        I used it a bit when I studied urban planning in NY, but not these days! Do you have a portfolio related to your other works or? I would be interested to check out what else you may have done.

        • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

          Sadly most of my stuff is from awhile back as a took a break from design for awhile…these graphics have been my outlet while living here in Korea.

          • Ray Chetti says:

            Would you be interested in doing some graphic design stuff (i.e: event posters) to help boost your resume/portfolio? My group is looking for a decent graphic designer like yourself to help promote our future events.

          • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

            Sure I might be interested but I am busy with a lot of things right now especially with this site. Email me and let me know what things you have in mind. detmi7mile at gmail.com

  1. lunarr says:

    well, actually “Seoul Metro” is a name of the corporation that operates Line 1 ~ Line 4, so “Seoul Subway” is better to written than seoul metro.
    and, some lines in infographic are not throwing only seoul. for example, Bundang Line is throwing not only seoul but also seongnam, yongin, and suwon. in addition, Incheon Line 1 and Everline are never throwing seoul.

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