Opposite Words in Korean Part 3

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It’s been awhile since we’ve done a post on opposite words. Here is part 3. More in this series will be coming soon!

Words in this infographic:

밀다 (mil-da) = to pull

당기다 (dang-gi-da) = to push

얼다 (eol-da) = to freeze

녹다 (nok-da) = to melt

알다 (al-da) = to know

모르다 (mo-leu-da) = to not know

걷다 (geot-da) = to walk

뛰다 (ddwi-da) = to run

늘다 (neul-da) = to increase

줄다 (jul-da) = to decrease

주다 (ju-da) = to give

받다 (bat-da) = to receive