Basic Korean Verbs You Should Know (Pt.1)

basic korean verbs

basic korean verbs

This is part 1 of our short series “Basic Korean Verbs You Should Know”.

These are just to give you some common verbs that you might use in daily conversation and will help you get a good foundation on some of the basic verbs.

We are thinking of adding a short conjugation sheet later for these and also how to conjugate verbs in Korean, but for now, enjoy their root forms.

Vocabulary in this graphic:

하다 (ha-da) = To cook

자다 (ja-da) = To sleep

걷다 (geot-da) = To walk

보다 (bo-da) = To see/look

말하다 (mal-ha-da) = To speak

먹다 (meok-da) = To eat

가다 (ga-da) = To go

요리하다 (yo-ri-ha-da) = To cook

읽다 (ik-da) = To read

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