Korean Worksheets for Beginners – Printable PDFs for Practicing Korean

Hey there! Are you at the beginner level for learning the Korean language and looking for some basic practice? We’ve got you covered. Here, you will find both free and paid PDFs that feature worksheet packs that you can print and write on for your own personal use.

Worksheets are great for reviewing as well as learning new content. It’s always good to practice!

We have three basic ebooks, each covering different concepts related to the Hangul alphabet and basic Korean vocabulary and phrases. You can check them out below.

Quick & Easy Hangul

Korean Worksheets - Hangul Alphabet

This is a free ebook and it’s a quick crash course on learning the basics of the Hangul alphabet. We first introduce you to the consonants and vowels (with audio to hear each one properly), explain a bit more about each, then move on to basic rules. At the end of this ebook, you will find handwriting practice worksheets for each letter, as well as a quick review quiz on the basic words you learned. (Free)

Korean Language Starter Pack

Korean Worksheets - Starter Pack

Finished learning the Hangul Alphabet? Now, you can take the next step and learn over 1,500 basic words and phrases. This is the perfect primer to start you off. Worksheets are featured with our Weekly Vocabulary Guide (answer keys included), and you get the bonus of 3 other ebooks. ($30)

Korean Worksheets: Basic Vocabulary Volume 1

Korean Worksheets - Vocabulary for Beginners

This is the first volume in our worksheet series which features different printable exercises based on some of the infographics found in the Starter Pack and on this website. Matching, fill in the blank, and listening exercises will help you review over 100 vocabulary words. ($4)

Korean Worksheets: Basic Vocabulary Volume 2