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How to Say I'm Hungry in Korean

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If you want to learn how to say I’m hungry in the Korean language, then you will have a very easy time learning it. The phrase for hungry and full are very easy to remember even with the formal versions added.

To say both, you need to use the adjectives “고프다” and “부르다” with the noun “배” which means stomach. It is grammatically correct to add “가” after “배” but it is commonly dropped in spoken Korean.

Examples for I’m hungry:

Formal: 배고픕니다 (bae-go-peum-ni-da)

Standard: 배고파요 (bae-go-pa-yo)

Informal: 배고파 (bae-go-pa)

Examples for I’m full:

Formal: 배부릅니다 (bae-bu-leum-ni-da)

Standard: 배불러요 (bae-bul-leo-yo)

Informal: 배불러 (bae-bul-leo)

You can also add variations like:

배가 너무 고파요 (bae-ga neo-mu go-pa-yo)

I’m so hungry.

And can make it sound cute:


List of other vocabulary in this graphic:

배 (bae) = Stomach

고프다 (go-peu-da) = To be hungry

부르다 (bu-leu-da) = To be full