Infographic: Korean Street Food Part 1

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Korean Street Food


Street food is a big part of Korea and if you have visited or lived here you know that you can see the street food carts and tents pretty much everywhere and the prices are usually very cheap. I’d wager that 90% of the time you are always within a 3-5 minute walk of one at any given moment. There has been some talk lately from the government about reducing the number of these (because they think they make the surrounding areas look bad?) but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

My favorites would probably have to be 호떡 and 만두. Hyo loves 떡볶이 and 붕어빵.

Don’t forget to heck out the extensive Korean food map as well.

Also remember that romanization is only a tool. Try not to depend on it too much. Learning the Hangul alphabet is the key to success!


  1. Now I wanna try that last one…. 😛

  2. 째즈 스타

    Oh! I learned about some new ones I didn’t know about before. And I can never ever remember 붕어빵’s name. I just say “sweet fish waffle bread thing” hahah. ^^*

  3. Patrick07


  4. Janine Pressley

    Funny how we have a Koreatown here in Atlanta area, but none of these are sold in the restaurants either. 🙁 I’m going to Korea dang it. Uhhh ur making me hungry and its not even lunch time yet.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins

      Yea you’ve got to come for the authentic experience!

      • Janine Pressley

        I’ll be going to NY in two weeks. I heard their Koreatown is somewhat similar to the food in Korea.

    • Lisa Joy Behrends

      Where is Koreatown in Atlanta? I heard there is a HMart up there? I’m from Middle Georgia and would gladly make the drive up there.
      I do make some of these with supplies I get at my local Korean grocery but they don’t have much.

      • Janine Pressley

        Its just called that because Buford Hwy and I-285 has tons of Korean businesses… H-Mart is off of Pleasant Hill and I-85 going north. There are a few business there as well. Gwinnett has a booming Korean vibe. There is a concert in March. Some Kpop & Krap artists are coming. We’re all excited.

        • Lisa Joy Behrends

          Thank you for the directions. I will going there soon. I had no idea there was a concert. I will have to find out more information. Thank you again!

  5. Finally the last post in this blog ^^ was a good trip today 😀

    I’m waiting for new posts ^^

  6. What? No sweet potatoes? I guess they are a winter only treat…

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