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Times of the Day in Korean

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6 thoughts on “Infographic: Periods of Time in Korean

  1. Samantha Elisabeth says:

    Ah this is perfect! I’m teaching my kids everything from the days of the week to explaining (at an elementary level) about how to talk about the past and the future, and this will come in handy when trying to explain it to them!

  2. Patrice says:

    These would be lovely as posters stuck on the walls of Korean language classrooms 🙂

  3. My Chinese Boyfriend says:

    Your infographics are fun to read. It must make good practice for those who are currently learning Korean. 🙂 Are you using illustrator?

    • Patrick07 says:

      yeah he does, by the way you teach mandarine or cantones in your blog?

  4. molly says:

    how about “weeks”? last week. next week. 2 weeks ago/later……sth !!!!

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