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I love my hometown, and there are many things to do there if you ever decide to come and visit. But I’ll be the first to admit that it can be a little…rough around the edges at times.

This was probably one of her biggest cultural shocks when she visited my hometown. First, NEVER stare someone down like that in Detroit. Staring is really not polite anyways (she wasn’t doing it in a rude way though), but this is especially true in Detroit. It’s basically an invitation for some type of confrontation. She was a little shocked at first but we had a good laugh afterward and we like to tell this story often.

7 thoughts on “Episode #79: The Middle Finger

  1. Ahleah Yaworski says:

    Normally when I’m in that area I tend to visit Dearborn and Farmington Hills more. I have gotten lost in Detroit a couple of times though. Just wondering, is there any places you would recommend to visit there?

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Oh sure 🙂 Try checking out the museum district near Wayne State University. Also now that winter is coming up, check out Campus Martius for skating and other winter activities. Downtown is generally the place to be with lots of restaurants, bars, etc to check out.

  2. DorkyChild says:

    Pooy Hyo! hahah. I live in the Metro Detroit area and when my friends from Austria came to visit they were given dirty looks by a couple of people because they were staring (not at them, just really observing their surroundings) But it did give us a good laugh afterwards! I hope Hyo enjoyed her visit!!

    • Hyosun Kwon says:

      Hyo: I enjoyed it 🙂 I didn’t take it that seriously haha

  3. Gino Lee says:

    Oh now i think saw TOO much things about Detroit… hahaha But still i believe that it is marvelous place 🙂

  4. Michael Hwang says:

    Yes, Dom. That’s how you educate Hyo to be street smart.

  5. Far Ah BenNai says:


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