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This is one thing I find myself missing a lot. Grass. Yes, grass. I don’t know why this random patch of grass was there, but I just needed to feel it.

Every home I had in the states had a lawn and a backyard, and so did the neighbors. I seriously took grass for granted before living in Korea. Now of course that doesn’t mean that Korea doesn’t have grass, or open spaces, but you are unlikely to come across it often if you live in one of the medium to large cities. Some large cities have housing that is situated near mountains but most of the time you can’t just walk right outside and see large swatches of grass.

I’m lucky where I can walk to a park next to my apartment but most of the time I don’t realize that I’ve gone so long without seeing it. Just another one of those things I had to get used to when I moved here.


5 thoughts on “Episode #78: Green Spaces

  1. karen in tx says:

    I love this. When our son came home from Korea he was 16 months old. He was terrified of grass. He hadn’t experienced it much so he was soooo scared to walk in it or touch it!!

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Haha too cute. I’ve never even thought of that possibility for our future kids when we decide to head back home for a visit.

  2. ChocoPandaa says:

    I like fine soft grass but for unknown reasons I’m scared of the grass in my garden. I can’t walk on it barefooted and I’m still scared when I’m wearing slippers. wait, I don’t think it’s the grass but the thought of worms underneath all that soil. Last time I was digging a small hole to plant something and I saw this pile of yellow-orange worms and it was gross…..

  3. Cathy says:

    Actually most grass areas in Korea have restricted access. You’ll probably see no trespassing signs ‘출입금지’ or the like. It’s rather hard to grow grass naturally so it’s tended to with a lot of effort so better keep out from well-kept lawns. The Hangang riverside park areas have a lot of grass to roam in…Also there are quite a few news reports recommending to take caution when sitting on grass, for example, deadly allergic reactions to ticks and fevers contracted from animal droppings.

  4. Andréanne says:

    That’s like winter for me. 5 months without seeing grass. Every year.

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