Episode #77: Long Island Iced tea

Long Island Iced Tea


So yea, I’m not familiar with any drinks except mainly beer. I tried the Long Island a couple of times before and it never seemed that strong to me. And…I never bothered to ask or find out what it was made of. Hyo doesn’t drink often and doesn’t like the strong stuff and had never tried tequila up until this time. She really did think I was just ordering Iced Tea for us though.

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  • AB_cullen

    I know there’s a major drinking culture in Korea, but is it bad if a girl/woman doesn’t drink with her friends or colleagues?

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Only at the workplace but that’s for men and women. It’s changing though. At my school if you don’t drink at the gatherings, there is usually no problem. At my old school 5 years ago, you would be looked down upon. Depends on the place.

  • lavodnas08

    lol poor Hyo!!! You can drink a lot of those and not notice how drunk you are until you get up. For me, two long islands = happiness, three = floor.