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12 kinds of kimbap

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13 thoughts on “Know your Kimbap: 12 Popular Varieties

  1. miranda says:

    Slightly off topic, but where is 주먹밥 these days? 🙁 I love that the most. Can’t find it anywhere recently — the shops that used to sell it have stopped — except the odd convenient store and that always looks like it’s been neglected by the general public a little too long.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      When I have a taste for it, I usually just go to one of the kimbap places and they have it. You should also be able to find it at some 불닭 places^^

      • miranda says:

        The kimbob places near me don’t seem to carry it anymore. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though. I’m surprised a 불닭 place would carry 주먹밥 but I’ll follow your suggestion. Thanks 🙂

  2. Janine Pressley says:

    The last two… Those r the ones I’ve ever been exposed too! I wouldn’t mind trying some of the others. Wish I could learn how to make my own.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Those are pretty good. And I’ve heard it is not easy to make, but there are a lot of tutorials online that can guide you through the process so give it a shot!

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Definitely in my top 3.

      • James Tuttlehorn says:

        So what are the other 2 in your top 3? I like 참치 금밥 best, but my girlfriend hates it haha.

        • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

          Yep 참치 is my favorite followed by 계란 and 월조 ^^

    • ChrisByAnyOtherName says:

      Almost never real crab meat but still gud

  3. chilldude33 says:

    My favorite is beef, but when I eat beef kimbap, I start to crave tuna kimbap. Original is always good. I also like Squid Kimbap

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Ha that’s interesting. I’ve only tried the beef a couple of times, but tuna is my favorite. Never tried the squid though!

  4. Dhally Rizky says:

    just like kimbap with kimchi and with tuna is very deliciouse

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