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Still Not Learning Korean? You Might Regret It

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This is one thing that can be frustrating for people trying to learn Korean (or any language for that matter). Just a simple difference in pronunciation will leave you facing dumbfounded looks from people in restaurants, taxi drivers, etc. It can be frustrating, but you get better with it as time goes on.

Pronouncing “물” has always been trouble for me. For some reason, I sound the “oo” sound too long, and yes, it does sound like a short piece of speech from a cow. Hyo is a great teacher though and hopefully I can be kind of fluent by the end of the year. I can understand about 20% of what’s being said.

But this situation happens all too often. How about you? Can anyone who is learning Korean relate to this?

5 thoughts on “Episode #18: 무울…Moool

  1. reese says:

    haha yea.i find that in japanese long and short vowels are hard to distinguish and with korean it’s ㅃ,ㅂ ㅉ,ㅈ ㄲ,ㄱ etc that are are to pronounce as will as distinguish. sigh. but i think i’m getting better.^^

  2. Karen Yoon-Kung says:

    Yes, I can’t say it that well either! The “l” sound really gets me.

  3. Patrick07 says:

    in my case is more difficult to learn korean, because is made in a way that’s is esier to learn for english speaker, so as my english pronunciation is not that good, it makes it even worst to my korean pronunciation, but at least japanesse is more orientated to spanish speaker so it make it easier

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