Episode 82: Free Translator


Free Translator


So when we first started dating, it was a bit of motivation for improving my Korean. One way I did this was basically acting like a kid and asking what signs meant what, what this word meant, etc. I also found it a little too convenient to have someone to immediately translate everything if I needed it. I toned it down after awhile, and while Hyo is always ready to help when I really need it, I don’t go into rapid fire question mode or need her help for translating everything since I’ve been improving a lot.

When dating someone from another country and living in said country, it might be easy to get lazy and just have them translate everything. And while they definitely wanna help, it’s good to give them a break and try to study on your own. It can also kill the mood of a good date too.

*Sidenote: I’m trying a little something here with a new format for short comics. Sometimes I would find that the story I wanna tell is too short for a webtoon, so this format works better I think. Longer stories will be in the regular webtoon scroll format.*

5 thoughts on “Episode 82: Free Translator

  1. I agree with you, Dominic. When I have trouble understanding what my homestay mother and sister say something in Korean, I use a ‘Naver Dictionary’ app to develop my Korean-language skills. Dominic, are you using that app nowadays??

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