Korean Learning Resources

These are the tools that started me on my Korean journey (although I still need more work!). There are lots of resources to learn Korean, however I’ve listed these specific resources because I’ve personally used them and can vouch for them. I hope you will find them as useful as I have.

Online Courses

Korean Class 101

Korean Class 101 is a proven powerhouse in structured online courses for learning Korean. They have many tools like flashcards, vocabulary lists, word banks, and even personal teachers to take you from beginner to high level in only a matter of months. If you would prefer an online course type of tool where you can log in from anywhere and have your lessons at your fingertips, this would be a good option.

Sign up for free and enjoy the free content and once you feel comfortable, you have the option of moving to a paid plan which offers more features. For a more comprehensive and deeper look (with a video demo) into the program, check out our review on them here.

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Korean Grammar in Use Series

This is the best series for learning Korean grammar that can be found. This series goes from beginner to advanced with very simple and detailed explanations and examples of grammar structures in Korean. Everything is very easy follow and combining your knowledge of vocabulary with these books will have you improving your Korean in no time. You won’t be a noob of Korean grammar after learning from this series.

Try the Korean Grammar in Use Series (this is an affiliate link)

Talk to me in Korean Level 1

This is a great introductory book into the basics of learning Korean. This is best for absolute beginners of the language as it focuses on necessary Korean phrases as well as basic grammar points. Since this also focuses on conversational Korean, you will learn natural things you will need in daily life. Helpful exercises also reinforce what you’ve learned.

Try Talk to me in Korean Level 1 (this is an affiliate link)


Hello Talk

Hello Talk is the best app for speaking with people of the language you’re trying to learn. Once you download the app, you can communicate with others for free from all over the world. This is great because you can see how native speakers sound and write which is something books can’t teach. The app is completely free in terms of talking with other people, with payments only being necessary if you want special extras that come with the app.

Try Hello Talk


Memrise is a helpful app and website that has lots of user generated content for learning any language. You will find mini courses that focus on certain topics and teach you various words and phrases through the use of pictures and sounds.

What’s helpful is that you can test yourself and how much you know as often as you would like.

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