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A Library of Infographics for Visual Learners of all Ages

Our infographic library covers over a thousand useful words and phrases that are updated weekly.

All of them are visualized with colorful pictures, graphics, and icons along with audio recordings to help you pronounce the words correctly.

Learning a new language can be hard or intimidating, but making things interesting with visual content is one way to overcome that and make it a rewarding experience for yourself.

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This is for you if…

You are a beginner to lower intermediate in learning KoreanYou are a visual learnerYou love Korean content like dramas and KpopYou need a resource of supplemental content to compliment your other Korean studiesYou teach Korean and want some interesting topics to cover in your classes

What’s included

Infographic CompilationGet all of our free infographics packaged together in one PDF file. Instead of saving each file individually, you will have them all in one place for quick reference. This will be updated weeky. Premium InfographicsMember’s only! Infographics in this section will only be available to member’s and will not be uploaded to any social media sites or our website. These will cover a bit more advanced things like grammar and conjugation and will be updated weekly.Audio & High-res FilesAll infographics will have audio recordings to follow along with to help you hear and practice what each word or phrase sounds like. Higher resolution files will also be available for printing at bigger sizes and for clarity on any device.EbooksGet access to previous ebooks sold on the store. (If you’ve bought any ebooks from us before, then e-mail us with your order number for a 50% discount code on our yearly membership plan).WorksheetsGet weekly added worksheets that include matching, listening, and fill in the blank exercises for review.

Questions & Concerns

Q. Can’t I just get many of your infographics for free on the website?

A. Yep, you sure can! We will always have free infographics and articles weekly. The membership however, will save you time by having it all in one file along with audio added to each post. You will also get the added bonus of infographics that can only be found in the member’s area.

Q. Is this a complete language course?

A. No, our content is meant to be used as a primer or supplemental resource/reference for beginners and lower intermediate learners. 

Q. How will these infographics help me?

A. Making the learning process visual is a proven way to make language learning less boring and more interesting which helps you retain what you’ve learned. Many people also learn better through visual tools.

Q. What are the membership plans?

A. You can choose either a $6 a month recurring subscription or save money with our one year plan for $49. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. No hidden fees, and you can cancel at anytime.

About us

Dom & Hyo

A strong team. Hyo, a native Korean, gives the ideas for Korean language topics, records the audio, and makes corrections. Dom handles the design and technical side. Together, we’ve been able to help people learn basic Korean in a fun way with our infographics as our thousands of followers of on social media have discovered.

30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your membership, just shoot us an e-mail, and we will issue you a refund.

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