Christmas Words in Korean

Christmas Words in Korean Vocabulary

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We thought this would be the perfect time to add some vocabulary (we’ve never done a post on Christmas).

Although Christmas is big in Western countries, it’s not as big here in Korea. Although everyone pretty much gets the holiday off from work and school, a big deal is not made of giving presents, decorating the house, or going out and enjoying a Christmas market. Kind of sucks for me as I always miss the Christmas atmosphere, so next year we can hopefully take a trip back home for Christmas.

One of the biggest things I miss is a good cup of egg nog. Seeing as it’s not sold anywhere in Korea, I will be making my own for the second year in a row. hopefully it turns out as good as last years.

Vocabulary for this infographic:

크리스마스 (keu-li-seu-ma-seu) = Christmas

산타 클로스 (san-ta keul-lo-seu) = Santa Claus

루돌프 사슴코 (lu-dol-peu sa-seum-ko) = Rudolph

화환 (hwa-hwan) = wreath

사탕 지팡이 (sa-tang ji-pang-i) = candy cane

장식 (jang-sik) = decoration

굴뚝 (gul-dduk) = chimney

선물 (seon-mul) = present

북극 (buk-guek) = north pole

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