Christmas Words in Korean Vocabulary

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We thought this would be the perfect time to add some vocabulary (we’ve never done a post on Christmas).

Although Christmas is big in Western countries, it’s not as big here in Korea. Although everyone pretty much gets the holiday off from work and school, a big deal is not made of giving presents, decorating the house, or going out and enjoying a Christmas market. Kind of sucks for me as I always miss the Christmas atmosphere, so next year we can hopefully take a trip back home for Christmas.

One of the biggest things I miss is a good cup of egg nog. Seeing as it’s not sold anywhere in Korea, I will be making my own for the second year in a row. hopefully it turns out as good as last years.

Vocabulary for this infographic:

크리스마스 (keu-li-seu-ma-seu) = Christmas

산타 클로스 (san-ta keul-lo-seu) = Santa Claus

루돌프 사슴코 (lu-dol-peu sa-seum-ko) = Rudolph

화환 (hwa-hwan) = wreath

사탕 지팡이 (sa-tang ji-pang-i) = candy cane

장식 (jang-sik) = decoration

굴뚝 (gul-dduk) = chimney

선물 (seon-mul) = present

북극 (buk-guek) = north pole