The Weekly Vocabulary Guide

An easy and effective way to learn basic Korean vocabulary!

If you like our infographics and would love more exclusive, in-depth content without feeling overwhelmed, this weekly e-mail lesson guide offers an easy way to learn Korean words. This guide is primarily for beginners and intermediate level learners who can read Hangul.

Each week for 16 weeks, you will be sent 1 lesson focusing on one topic with over 50 words each along with helpful graphics, tools, and exercises to reinforce what you’re learned.

In this guide you will find:

  • Over 90 new infographics exclusive to this course
  • Audio tracks for each word
  • Word lists
  • Anki flashcards tailored to each lesson
  • Exercises and puzzles

Week 1: Periods of time (days, months, years, telling time)
Week 2: School & Education
Week 3: Colors
Week 4: Sports & Hobbies
Week 5: Travel
Week 6: Cooking
Week 7: Family, Friends, & Relationships
Week 8: Transportation
Week 9: Numbers
Week 10: Around the House
Week 11: Character & Personality
Week 12: Emotions & Feelings
Week 13: Money
Week 14: Food & Drink
Week 15: Clothes & Shopping
Week 16: Phones, Computers, & Technology

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You will have unlimited support from us through e-mail if you have any general questions about things in the course (Monday through Friday) so don’t hesitate to ask.


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