Vocabulary: Hair Colors (Natural) in Korean

Hair color vocabulary in korean

Here are the natural hair colors in Korean. We may do another one on other colors, but it’s pretty simple. You just add whatever color the hair is and attach “머리” (usually). We have written the vocabulary below as well. Enjoy! If you want to study even more and improve your Korean, check out our ebooks over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

검은색 머리 (geom-eun-saek meo-ri) = Black hair

금발 (geum-bal) = Blonde hair

갈색 머리 (gal-saek meo-ri) = Brown hair

짙은갈색 머리 (jit-eun-gal-saek meo-ri) = Dark brown hair

빨간색 머리 (bbal-gan-saek meo-ri) = Red hair

흰 머리/백발 (hwin meo-ri/baek-bal) = Gray hair/White hair


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  • Sandra Baldari
    Jul 18,2017 at 3:20 am

    Will you do one about eye color?

  • Meg Hellwig
    Oct 4,2016 at 12:16 pm

    In my experience living in Korea as a natural red head, Koreans don’t really distinguish between red hair and blonde. I’ve even been told I have brown hair. It’s not very surprising, because it’s not a shade Koreans encounter often. I’d imagine the shade they call red is actually dyed.

  • Patrick07
    Sep 30,2016 at 5:54 am

    there not one for blue, pink, etc hair

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