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Korean Slang/Korean Internet Slang (Double Consonants)

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If you text a lot with Korean friends or play online games in Korea, these should help you out. Very convenient and easy to use/remember. Korean internet slang is easy to remember and learn. Whether you’re chatting or texting, you can sound like a pro with these. You can easily convey character and personality with these.

We also did a post earlier about some other popular Korean slang here.

We might make another very extensive post on slang in the future with more pronunciations and other well known phrases and expressions.

Hope this helps! And for more materials to supplement your Korean vocab, check out our ebooks over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

Here is a list of all the vocabulary used in this graphic:

ㅂㅂ = Bye bye

ㅈㅈ = Good game

ㄱㄱ = Go go

ㅅㅅ = Nice play (when playing games online)

ㄴㄴ = No no

ㅇㅇ = Yes/응

ㅎㅎ = Haha

ㅋㅋ = Laughing (Same as lol and pronounced as keke)

ㅗㅗ = F*ck you

ㄷㄷ = Trembling (from 덜덜)

ㅊㅊ = Congrats (축하해요)

ㅠㅠ/ㅜㅜ = Crying


3 thoughts on “Korean Slang/Korean Internet Slang (Double Consonants)

  1. Nuria Freitas says:

    Me and my friends use a different ㅊㅊ. We use as 추천. Thanks for teaching this things in a fun easy way. I think is funny for people starting to learn Korean.

  2. Patrick07 says:

    Thanks for taking time to teach us, this is a great infographic. I really like it

  3. Dan Strickland says:

    My son came up with one – ㅇㅋㄷㅋ for ‘okey-dokey’

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