Life in Korea: Baseball Stadiums of Korea

Baseball Stadiums of Korea


Shoutout to my friend Anthony Baber for giving me this idea. He wrote a nice article about the stadiums and offers more info on the special things each stadium offers (Check it out here.) My personal fav would have to be Munhak since I live in Incheon and you can’t beat the reserved BBQ Zone while you watch the game.

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  • 째즈 스타

    I like how you put these in size order by capacity. My fiance’s favorite team is the Kia Tigers down in Gwangju. I’ve always wanted to go with him to a game.

    Oh! I’m a bit shocked that the oldest stadium was built in 1948! just 3 years after the Japanese occupation ended and during the tensions that rised that lead to Korea’s seperation. I always get fascinated by korea’s history and try to piece together the little bits to see the bigger overall picture of how life must of been like. who or why a baseball stadium was decided upon when the country was just scrapping by is really a curious question.

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      I didn’t even mean to do that haha. But yeah I was shocked too at some of the older ones. I know they are supposed to replace a few of the older ones within the next few years though.

    • Dino 746

      1948? Impossible.

  • colonel

    I know that there are tours of Japan (Have been on some ofthem) — would like to see a tour of Korean baseball stadiums — for people in the USA