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Symbols in Korean

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I’ve been teaching in Korea for awhile and these would always come up in the classroom. Most students didn’t know the English for many of the symbols (especially exclamation point) and I realized I didn’t know the Korean for them. Knowing these will be useful especially for those teaching in Korea.

7 thoughts on “Know Your Symbols in Korean

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Nice! It can be hard to find info on some of them. Hyo was a big help here recalling her primary education lol.

  1. Daj Katrin says:

    DomandHyo, What is the difference between parenthesis and parentheses?

    • Joey Desormeaux says:

      ( one parenthesis, () two parentheses.

  2. Pat Pat says:

    Wow…some of these are quite difficult which makes me kind of nervous, but practice makes perfect!

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