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Reese's Cups in Korea

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Yes…this is completely true. I’ve adapted pretty easily to life here. Some people have had different experiences, but I’ve been cool. It was an adjustment of course, and I still get irked because of cultural differences, BUT ALL I WANT IS SOME DAMN REESE’S CUPS…on a consistent basis. Actually I prefer the new Reese’s XL Bar, but seriously, get on it Korea. I’m pretty sure eating Reese’s Cups several times a week would improve my quality of life here x100.

13 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me Most About Living in Korea

  1. Ddong Man says:

    I saw a huge bag at a black-market shop in Songtan.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Thanks! I might have to take a trip down there. I can find them at the Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon SOMETIMES, but not often enough.

  2. Waegook Tom says:

    No Reese’s Cups? Get yourself to Costco! I swear I’ve seen them there. I’ve definitely eaten some while in Korea…or maybe they were from a friend’s care package from the States…hmm. Either way, they do need to be more easily accessible.

    I adapted pretty easily to life in Korea, too. I think if you try to assimilate (to an extent at least), then you’ll find your experience much more enjoyable. Things like learning the language and realising that, no, things are not the same as they are in New York/LA/Minnesota/wherever. Then again some people do wind up in genuinely crappy situations, but the amount of people I knew there who’d been living in Korea for 2, 3 years+ and still couldn’t even read the alphabet were the ones who were always bitching about every little thing….sigh.

    Anyway. To sum up: learn the alphabet. Which I’m pretty sure you have done. And more Reese’s Cups. Come on, GS25…

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Haha I thought the same thing! Then I went to 2 Costcos and couldn’t find them anywhere. So disappointing. I think the care package is my best bet.

      And yes…I’ve learned the alphabet 🙂 Actually studying more these days and Hyo helps me. I have hope that one day I will see Reeses lining the front shelves of CU and GS.

  3. Rebecca Butterworth says:

    Just ask the store with the Red Door just off of the main drag in Itaewon, if they do not have it I am sure they will get some for you. My problem being home is that I cannot get the kimchi that I loved from Mokpo; I crave it to this day and the homemade Kimchi Mandoo from this little restaurant in Mokpo I also miss!. For 6 months straight I ate there everyday.

  4. Michelle says:

    When a friend of mine came to Korea, she brought me 4 boxes of salt and vinegar chips and 12 packs of reese’s peanut butter cups…no lie

  5. Spinmaster Pibimbap says:

    No ranch-flavored pringles and cool ranch doritos as well.

  6. Rafiqua says:

    Lucky reese cups are now sold in Korea ^^

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