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Just my experiences here in Korea, and in other big cities that I’ve been to across the world. I’m naturally in introvert, so crowded places can get to me, especially slow walkers.


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6 thoughts on “The 6 Types of Walkers that Will Annoy the Crap Out of You

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      I’m definitely a tailgator too. I walk super fast and try to slow down sometimes, but it never works.

  1. sweetdorka says:

    Well then, you’ll just love it here in Los Angeles.

  2. Michael Hwang says:

    The tailgator. I think a person on your back looks creepy.

  3. in23h says:

    After living in Shinchon for 2 years, I came across all of those types very often. I’d also add in the “magnet.” Many times when the sidewalks were empty, except for myself and someone walking towards me, that someone would, more than not, walk right into my path and i’d have to move out of the way without bumping into them. Heheh

  4. 나나 says:

    Usually I am the tailgator… I am not a patient person and I get pissed off easily when people that walk slower than me don’t let me pass them… -_-U I need to learn to be more patient, but it is also true that some pedestrians seem to block the way on purpose when they see you’re in a hurry…

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