Quickly Learn & Review Essential Korean Words!

You can learn Korean in less time than you think! With our value-packed eBook that contains 130 pages and more than 112 Korean words that are used every day,  you will be armed with key Korean vocabulary.


What's included?


Topics covered include:


• Basic Verbs in Korean

• Beverages in Korean

• Cardinal Directions

• Clothing

• Colors

• Days of the week

• Types of food

• Formal & Informal Words

• Transportation


Retaining your knowledge is easy, with informative infographics, writing practice, detailed worksheets,  audio files for dictation, and flashcards for your review.


This eBook is perfect for any beginner looking to build their core vocabulary with the most commonly used Korean words today. You can also use these in the classroom or as practice for someone you know who is learning Korean.


Here's a preview of what you'll get

The printing size for the PDF is A4. Once printed out (or you can follow along with your own notebook) you're ready to go! Start practicing new words and review them on your own time. 

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