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Episode #73: Jeju Typhoon

  So last year we went to Jeju on a whim and…it rained the whole time. This year, we decided to prepare more and check it out and…a typhoon came and lasted throughout our whole trip. What are the chances? This typhoon was also strange. It wasn’t a particularly strong […]

Episode #61: Bad Bus Day Pt.1

  So this was only the start of a day filled with interesting bus incidents. There are two more which you will see in Pt.2, but this one was the most uncomfortable of them all. What’s funny is that before the woman boarded the bus, we were in the seats […]

Trip to Fukuoka

So I have been completely lazy about making a post about my trip to Fukuoka, Japan back in August. So I’ll tell you a little bit about what I did on my short 3 day trip there. For starters, this was my first trip to another country since coming to […]