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reasons to drink soju

Reasons to Drink Soju…

I’ve actually never been a fan of stuff, but drink it sometimes when out with older Koreans. The new fruit versions are very tasty though and very dangerous since they are sweet and easy to down. Also with #3…while soju is still relatively cheap, the price has been going up […]

hweshik excuses, 회식

Excuses for Getting out of a Hweshik (회식)

If you ever have the chance to work in Korea, you will eventually be invited told to go to a 회식. It’s basically a company/school dinner chosen on a random day during the week. It could be celebrating a special occasion or just a general get together among coworkers.

How Many Korean Drinks Can You Name?

How many can you name? Answers below:     바카스 Bachhus (energy drink) 복분자 Bokbunja (alcohol) 백세주 Baekseju (alcohol) 쌕쌕포도 Ssaekssaek podo (a grape drink) 바나나맛 우유 Bananamat uyu (banana milk) 칠성사이더 Chilsung Cider (similar to Sprite) 밀키스 Milkis (Milk pop) 한국야쿠르트 Hanguk Yakureuteu (yogurt drink) 산사춘 Sansachun (alcohol) Hot […]