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New Line Webtoon: Personal Questions

This was an earlier one we did with a few slight changes. It’s funny how things like this can creep up on you after living in a country for years. But…I guess it’s only natural. You get used to the environment and start adapting certain things (although not all). Check […]

Why 순대 (Sundae) is the Worst Romanized Korean Word

  This was one of the first things that confused me when I first came to Korea. I just started learning hangul and couldn’t remember all of the letters and sounds yet. Sometimes I would see signs that said “sundae” thinking they served ice cream as a dessert or something. […]

Episode #68: Double Meaning Words

  So Korean, just like other languages has words that can have many meanings. In this comic “양” (yang) was the word I was confused with. It can mean sheep or amount/quantity and since my vocabulary is not advanced yet, I assumed it was sheep. I also try to agree […]

Being A Creative On the Web

This is the first post I’ve actually written here in a long time. I won’t be long, but as some of you may know, yesterday was a particularly…interesting…day for us. To start from the beginning, we have to go to the beginning of this week. I uploaded the Korean Emoticon […]