Korean Grammar – V – (으)ㄹ 거예요

Text from this infographic: This grammar pattern expresses something you plan to do in the future. When comparing it to English, it would be like saying 'I'm going to' or

Jobs in Korean Part 2

Words in this infographic: 치과의사 (chi-gwa-ui-sa) = Dentist 운동선수 (un-dong-seon-su) = Athlete/Player 정비공 (jeong-bi-gong) = Mechanic 소방관 (so-bang-gwan) = Firefighter 경찰관 (gyeong-chal-gwan) = Police Officer 종업원 (jong-eob-weon) = Waiter/Waitress 수의사 (su-ui-sa) = Veterinarian 목수 (mok-su) = Carpenter 집배원 (jib-bae-weon)

How to Say Beautiful in Korean

Hey everyone! For today's phrase, we will be talking about how to say beautiful in Korean. We did an earlier post on how to say pretty here, so you can check

Jobs in Korean

Vocabulary in this infographic: 조종사 (jo-jong-sa) = Pilot 요리사 (yo-ri-sa) = Chef 간호사 (gan-ho-sa) = Nurse 판사 (pan-sa) = Judge 군인 (gun-in) = Soldier 농부 (nong-bu) = Farmer 건축가 (geon-chuk-ga) = Architect 은행원 (eun-haeng-weon) = Teller 비서 (bi-seo) =
How to say apple in Korean

How to Say Apple in Korean

Our last featured the Korean word for , so go take a look if you haven't already. For today, we're looking at how to say apple in Korean. It is probably
Christmas Words in Korean Vocabulary

Christmas Words in Korean

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We thought this would be the perfect time to add some vocabulary (we've never done a post on Christmas). Although Christmas is
Places in Korean

Places Around the City in Korean – Vocabulary Infographic

Vocabulary in this infographic: 교회 (gyo-hoe) = Church 대학교 (dae-hak-gyo) = College 경찰서 (gyeong-chal-seo) = Police station 편의점 (pyeon-ui-jeom) = Convenience store 도서관 (do-seo-gwan) = Library 빵집 (bbang-jib) = Bakery 소방서 (so-bang-seo) = Fire station 주유소 (ju-yu-so) =