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Cleaning Vocabulary in Korean

List of words in this infographic: 세탁기 (se-tak-gi) = washing machine 대걸레 (dae-geol-le) = mop 쓰레기통 (sseu-re-gi-tong) = trash can 비누 (bi-nu) = soap 쓰레기받기 (sseu-re-gi-bad-gi) = dustpan 먼지떨이 (meon-ji-tteol-i) = duster 솔 (sol) = cleaning brush 빗자루 (bit-ja-ru) = broom 스펀지 (seu-peon-ji) = sponge

Hospital vocabulary in Korean

Hospital Vocabulary in Korean

List of words in this infographic: 병원 (byeong-weon) = hospital 의사 (ui-sa) = doctor 간호사 (gan-ho-sa) = nurse 주사 (ju-sa) = shot 약 (yak) = medicine 환자 (hwan-ja) = patient 구급차 (gu-geup-cha) = ambulance 혈액 검사 (hyeol-aek geom-sa) = blood test 엑스레이 (ek-seu-re-i) = x-ray

Basic Adverbs in Korean

Words in this infographic: 없이 (eop-shi) = without 많이 (man-i) = many 조금 (jo-geum) = a little, a few 함께 (ham-kke) = together 혼자 (hon-ja) = alone 보통 (bo-tong) = usually 자주 (ja-ju) = often, frequently 일찍  (il-jjik) = early 빨리 (bbal-li) = quickly

Possessions in Korean

List of vocabulary in this graphic: 열쇠 = key(s) 수첩 = daily planner 서류 = documents 빗 = comb 지갑 = wallet 고울 = mirror 화장품 = makeup 신문 = newspaper 헤드폰 = headphones

How to Say Old Lady in Korean – Be Careful not to Offend!

When referring to a person in Korean, very rarely is the actual name of the person used. Instead, different titles are applied depending on age, social hierarchy, and family. A common word that people know is ajumma (아줌마). This roughly translates to something like an older woman or married woman, […]

Weather-Related Temperature Words in Korean

Here are some vocabulary words related to the temperature of the weather in Korean. We’ve got a cold snap going on here in Korea right now, so I thought this was a timely infographic for you guys. Enjoy! By the way, if you don’t know how to say ‘cold’ in […]

How to Say Merry Christmas in Korean

Who’s ready for the holiday season? Even in the warmer months, I’ve always looked forward to Christmas as it reminds me of being with my family back home in the states. It also meant great food and the feeling of exchanging presents. Here in Korea, Hyo has always tried to […]

Tools in Korean Pt. 2

Words in this infographic: 줄자 (jul-ja) = tape measure 렌치 (ren-chi) = wrench 뚫어뻥 (ddul-eo-bbeong) = plunger 체인톱 (che-in-top) = chainsaw 나무망치 (na-mu-mang-chi) = mallet 삽 (sab) = shovel 못 (mot) = nail 나사못 (na-sa-mot) = screw 공구함 (gong-gu-ham) = toolbox