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Learn Korean: Shortened Words and Abbreviations Pt.2

Shortened Words in Korean Pt.2

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Korean Drama/KDrama Drinking Game

Korean Drama Drinking Game

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Episode #87: Different Refrigerator


Cultural differences.

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Life in Korea: Levels of Soju

Levels of Soju

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Life in Korea: 5 Strange & Unique Museums in Korea

Strange Museums in Korea

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Korean Dramas: Most Popular & Overused KDrama Cliches

Although I’m not a HUGE fan of Kdramas, I watch my fair share from time to time. They are especially useful if I’m looking to improve my Korean listening skills. These are just some of the common themes you will find while watching Korean dramas.

You can almost predict what’s going to happen most of the time. It’s kind of hilarious. My favorite one would have to be being hit by cars because even they acknowledge that driving is one of the most dangerous aspects of living here.

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