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Korean Counters Part 2

Korean Counters – Part Infographic and List

Hey guys! Back with another post on Korean counters. If you missed the first part, you can check out the first list here. Let’s break down each one along with some example sentences for each. a. 대 (dae) = This is used for cars and machines. For example: 우리는 차를 […]

How to Say ‘Moon’ in Korean

Today, we have a simple vocabulary word for you to learn. We’re going to learn how to say ‘moon’ in Korean. We’ll also go through variations and related words to help with your vocabulary bank. Let’s  get going! 달 (dal) Some people get this word confused with ‘딸’ which has […]

How to Say ‘Life’ in Korean

What is the meaning of life? Depending on your beliefs, this could vary. But let’s not get into deep topics like that here 🙂 Today, we’re covering five words that convey ‘life’ in Korean. Each one has a slightly different nuance and is used differently from one another. If you […]

Leaving? How to Say ‘See you later’ in Korean

Today, we will introduce some popular ways to say ‘see you later’ in Korean. This phrase can be categorized in ‘goodbye’ which we did a post on here. For this post, we will do a more literal translation. Let’s start with our first phrase. 이따 봐. (i-tta bwa) 이따 봐요. […]

How to say apple in Korean

How to Say Apple in Korean

Our last post featured the Korean words for at the post office, so go take a look if you haven’t already. For today, we’re looking at how to say apple in Korean. It is probably one of the first and easiest ‘fruit’ words to learn. Namely, because a lot of […]

Christmas Words in Korean Vocabulary

Christmas Words in Korean

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We thought this would be the perfect time to add some vocabulary (we’ve never done a post on Christmas). Although Christmas is big in Western countries, it’s not as big here in Korea. Although everyone pretty much gets the holiday off […]

How to Say God in Korean

How to Say God in Korean

Our word for today is ‘God’. There are many ways to say this depending on the context and situation. For most Koreans, referring to God as simply a being that is up the sky would be called 하느님. The name comes from the word 하늘 (ha-neul) which means sky or […]

How to Say Rabbit in Korean – Word of the Day

Welcome to today’s word of the day! Today’s word is 토끼 which means rabbit/bunny. You will rarely see rabbits in Korea unless you are out in the countryside or forest. The sound Koreans use for a rabbit hopping is 깡총깡총 (kkang-chong-kkang-chong). In Korean culture, there is a folktale called the […]

How to Say Haha in Korean

How to Say Haha in Korean

Today, we are teaching you laughter in Korean! Laughter is universal, and learning how to express laughter through text in Korean is very beneficial in understanding and bonding with your Korean friends. For starters, the most basic way you can express laughter is 하하. As you can see, this sounds […]