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How to Say Star in Korean

How to Say Star in Korean

We did a post on the solar system awhile back, but never got around to some of the other space vocabulary we intended to do. So today, we’re going to start off with just simple one. The word for ‘star’ in Korean. The word for star is 별. It’s a […]

Korean Slang

Korean Slang Guide

We did a post earlier on Korean slang. It is very short and I’ve always wanted to do something with a little more depth to all the Korean slang out there.This graphic shows the basic meanings of each word and some have a red dot next to it indicating it […]

Episode #65: More Konglish Problems

  This happens often when some English words are translated into Korean by pronunciation (things like brand names or popular foods like chicken/pizza). This is called Konglish. Most of the time, the pronunciation turns into something completely different and unless you say it the Korean way, people won’t understand you. […]