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Types of Foods in Korean

Types of Food in Korean Pt. 2

And we’re back for a part 2 of types of foods in Korean. More Konglish again so these should be easy to remember. Words in this infographic: 샌드위치 (saen-deu-wi-chi) = Sandwich 피자 (pi-ja) = Pizza 초밥/스시 (cho-bab/seu-shi) = Sushi 주스 (ju-seu) = Juice 후추 (hu-chu) = Pepper 치킨 (chi-kin) = […]

Types of Food in Korean

Types of Food in Korean

We will probably be doing a few more graphics on food and drinks in the upcoming weeks. Here are the words in this infographic: 우유 (u-yu) = milk 고기 (go-gi) = meat 과일 (gwa-il) = gwa-il 계란/달걀 (gye-ran/dal-gyal) = egg (there is no difference between the two words except that […]

How to Say Rice in Korean

How to Say Rice in Korean

Hey, what’s up everyone! February has almost come to a close. This year is already passing by quickly. We hope you’re ready for another quick lesson today! Today, we’re gonna talk about two words that get beginner Korean learners confused. You will often hear Koreans refer to rice as “밥”. […]

Korean Instant Noodles Chart - The Best

Korean Instant Noodles Chart

This chart features some of the more popular brands of instant noodles from 1963 and onward. We wanted to include many, many, more, but there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of brands from over the years. It was actually quite fun researching and hand drawing the many different designs […]

How to say chicken in Korean

How to Say Chicken in Korean

The word for chicken in Korean is very easy to learn. Let’s start of with the word ‘닭’ (dak). This is mainly used to describe the animal itself and certain dishes that are chicken-based. So for example if you actually saw a live chicken, you would use this word. For […]

Hungry in Korean

How to Say I’m Hungry in Korean

If you want to learn how to say I’m hungry in the Korean language, then you will have a very easy time learning it. The phrase for hungry and full are very easy to remember even with the formal versions added.

Spicy food in Korea

Spicy Food

I love a lot of spicy food in Korea. There are some “problems” a few hours after eating it, but worth it.

reasons to drink soju

Reasons to Drink Soju…

I’ve actually never been a fan of stuff, but drink it sometimes when out with older Koreans. The new fruit versions are very tasty though and very dangerous since they are sweet and easy to down. Also with #3…while soju is still relatively cheap, the price has been going up […]