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How to Say Congratulations in Korean

How to Say Congratulations in Korean

If you have Korean friends, acquaintances, or if you are/will be spending a decent amount of time in Korea, then this will be a handy phrase to know. You will eventually want to congratulate someone on their graduation, a birthday, wedding, etc. Like most places, these milestones are a big […]

Monsoon Season in Korea

Umbrella Sales in Korea

I always like to say Korea has 5 seasons instead of 4 (technically true). The monsoon season (called 장마 in Korean) always comes with a bang and this year is no exception. What usually ends up happening is that I will either forget my umbrella at home, at work, or […]

mimetic korean, 의태어

Mimetic Words in Korean: Walking (의태어)

Korean uses a lot of mimetic words like these and we will be doing some future posts on some of them. These are close related to onomatopoeia so check those out as well. If you want to study even more and improve your Korean, check out our ebooks over at the Dom […]

reasons to drink soju

Reasons to Drink Soju…

I’ve actually never been a fan of stuff, but drink it sometimes when out with older Koreans. The new fruit versions are very tasty though and very dangerous since they are sweet and easy to down. Also with #3…while soju is still relatively cheap, the price has been going up […]