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How to say 'wife' in Korean

How to Say ‘Wife’ in Korean – Many Ways

Hey all. Today, we’re going to teach you how to say ‘wife’ in the Korean language. We’ll go over the official terms that Koreans use the most, and then some cute ways that close couples use for wife. Let’s start with the ‘official’ word that most of you will find […]

How to say 'Really' in Korean

How to Say Really in Korean – Jeongmal?

Today, we’re going to cover a common filler word in Korean. Like in English and most other languages, Koreans will use this in the same manner. There are quite a few ways to say ‘really’ in Korean, and we will break them down in the post so you understand when […]

How to Say Please in Korean

How would you ask for a favor politely in Korean? What if you asked someone to pass you something near them? What about asking for forgiveness? Today, we’re taking a look at how to say please in Korean. First up, we’re gonna talk about the direct translation for ‘please’. This […]

Dangshin in Korean – Meaning & Usage of ‘당신’

Hey folks ready for another post? One of the things that’s often asked about and kind of confusing for new learners of Korean is the usage of ‘you’. The Korean translation for ‘you’ has many words and options depending on the circumstance and who you’re talking to. If you didn’t […]

학 Words Part 2 – English Meaning and More

Just as promised, here’s part 2 to ‘학’ words in Korean. You can find part 1 here. IN future posts, we will cover other Hanja as well so look forward to those! List of vocabulary in this infographic: 어학 (eo-hak) = Language learning 언어학 (eo-neo-hak) = Linguistics 학습 (hak-seub) = […]

학 Words – Meaning in English and More

‘학’ (hak) words are common words that you will come across while studying Korean. It’s easy to see why since ‘학’ is derived from the Hanja character ‘學’ and it means to learn, study, or basically anything with school. This is a good example of how knowing the Hanja for […]