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Korean Language Beginner’s Package


A Collection of 150 Infographics and PDFs for Learning Korean

Every year, more and more people are learning Korean, but for some people, it can seem hard and intimidating to start.

Want to understand basic words in K-pop or K-dramas? Want to impress or just talk with your Korean friends?

Our promise to you is that this collection of infographics and PDFs will make Korean phrases and words simple, easy, and fun to learn.


  • Infographic Compilation – Receive over 150 Korean infographics to help you learn basic words and phrases.
  • Flashcards – Learn and review 600 must-know Korean words with easy to print front and back flashcards.
  • 50 Korean Phrases You Should Know – Learn formal and informal phrases for beginners (over 170 audio files included).
  • Cheat Sheets – Receive 17 Korean word lists that are easy to print out and carry around (over 1500 words).
  • The Weekly Vocabulary Guide – Learn easy to learn Korean vocabulary with 16 lessons (with audio, new infographics, and flashcards) that will kickstart your vocabulary ability.

What’s more, as you use this package to learn Korean, you’ll be able to receive free updates for life as well as a bonus printable poster from our store (just email us along with your order number and the name of the poster you would like).

Once you place your order, you will receive a link to download your files (200 MB in one zip file).