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Summer Vocabulary in Korean Part 2
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Summer Vocabulary in Korean Pt. 2

Here, we are bringing you some more summer words in Korean. hope everyone is staying cool and looking forward to their summer vacations! Words in this infographic: 아이스크림 (a-i-seu-krim) = ice cream 비치볼 (bi-chi-bol) = beach ball 반바지 (ban-ba-ji) = shorts 습도 (seup-do) = humidity 천둥번개 (cheon-dung-beon-gae) = thunderstorm 모자 […]

Nature Words in Korean

Nature Words in Korean

Hey all sorry for the long absence! Still dealing with some sleeping problems that are affecting my day to day life and productivity. Hopefully I can get it all figured out very soon. Today, we are showing you some common words for nature in Korean. We may do a part […]