Korean Language Infographics

How to Say Beautiful in Korean

Hey everyone! For today’s phrase, we will be talking about how to say beautiful in Korean. We did an earlier post on how to say pretty here, so you can check that one out as well. Let’s start with the dictionary form for the word beautiful: 아름답다 (a-reum-dab-da) The pronunciation […]

Jobs in Korean

Vocabulary in this infographic: 조종사 (jo-jong-sa) = Pilot 요리사 (yo-ri-sa) = Chef 간호사 (gan-ho-sa) = Nurse 판사 (pan-sa) = Judge 군인 (gun-in) = Soldier 농부 (nong-bu) = Farmer 건축가 (geon-chuk-ga) = Architect 은행원 (eun-haeng-weon) = Teller 비서 (bi-seo) = Secretary

Easy Korean Words to Learn

We know learning Korean can be intimidating, but we’ve listed 50 words you can learn easily here in this article. These are simple to pronounce, easy to read, and easy to remember. A great way to start your memory bank of Korean words! Ready? Let’s start! 개 (gae) = dog […]