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Autumn Vocabulary in Korean

Video: Autumn Vocabulary in Korean

Improve your Korean with these top 7 language books We’ve got a brand new video for you guys today! The autumn season is here, so we decided this would be the perfect time to do a video about vocabulary related to it. You can find the infographic and blog post […]

Continents in Korean

Continents in Korean

Welcome back! We have a simple post for you today. As you can see, most of the continents have similar names to their English versions which makes them easy to remember. The one exception is Antarctica. Also, if you look at North and South America, you can learn two new […]

Website words in Korean

Website Words in Korean

Words in this infographic: 검색 (geom-saek) = Search 로그인 (lo-geu-in) = Login 로그아웃 (lo-geu-a-ut) = Logout 비밀번호 (bi-mil-beon-ho) = password 댓글 (daet-geul) = comment 이메일 (i-me-il) = e-mail 기본정보 (gi-bon-jeong-bo) = personal info 주소 (ju-so) = address 휴대폰번호 (hyu-dae-pon-beon-ho) = cell phone number

Summer Vocabulary in Korean Part 2

Summer Vocabulary in Korean Pt. 2

Here, we are bringing you some more summer words in Korean. hope everyone is staying cool and looking forward to their summer vacations! Words in this infographic: 아이스크림 (a-i-seu-krim) = ice cream 비치볼 (bi-chi-bol) = beach ball 반바지 (ban-ba-ji) = shorts 습도 (seup-do) = humidity 천둥번개 (cheon-dung-beon-gae) = thunderstorm 모자 […]

How to Say Pretty in Korean

How to Say Pretty in Korean

Hey everyone! We’re back for another short lesson. In this lesson, we’re going to teach you how to say pretty in Korean. Maybe you would like to give someone a compliment, or maybe you want to ask if something you bought is pretty (maybe a gift for someone?). We will […]