Korean Language Infographics

Basic Adverbs in Korean

Words in this infographic: 없이 (eop-shi) = without 많이 (man-i) = many 조금 (jo-geum) = a little, a few 함께 (ham-kke) = together 혼자 (hon-ja) = alone 보통 (bo-tong) = usually 자주 (ja-ju) = often, frequently 일찍  (il-jjik) = early 빨리 (bbal-li) = quickly

Possessions in Korean

List of vocabulary in this graphic: 열쇠 = key(s) 수첩 = daily planner 서류 = documents 빗 = comb 지갑 = wallet 고울 = mirror 화장품 = makeup 신문 = newspaper 헤드폰 = headphones

Weather-Related Temperature Words in Korean

Here are some vocabulary words related to the temperature of the weather in Korean. We’ve got a cold snap going on here in Korea right now, so I thought this was a timely infographic for you guys. Enjoy! By the way, if you don’t know how to say ‘cold’ in […]

Daebak Meaning – What does Daebak Mean?

Korean slang can be fun to learn. Actually, learning the slang words of any language can be fun because you get an insight into how languages are constantly evolving with new words and meanings. It can also make you a little knowledgeable and “hip” if you know a lot of […]

How to Say Merry Christmas in Korean

Who’s ready for the holiday season? Even in the warmer months, I’ve always looked forward to Christmas as it reminds me of being with my family back home in the states. It also meant great food and the feeling of exchanging presents. Here in Korea, Hyo has always tried to […]