Korean Counters – Part Infographic and List

Korean Counters Part 2

Hey guys! Back with another post on Korean counters. If you missed the first part, you can check out the first list here. Let’s break down each one along with some example sentences for each. a. 대 (dae) = This is used for cars and machines. For example: 우리는 차를 새로 한 대 살까 고려 중이다. … Read more

How to Say ‘Let’s Go’ in Korean – Detailed Explanation

How to Say 'Let's Go' in Korean

It’s time to go! Now if you’ve been hanging out all day with your friends and it’s time to get a move on, you’ll want to use this fun phrase. This is one of my favorite short phrases because it’s short, easy to use, and easy to remember. Like most other Korean phrases, the version … Read more

Dangshin in Korean – Meaning & Usage of ‘당신’

Hey folks ready for another post? One of the things that’s often asked about and kind of confusing for new learners of Korean is the usage of ‘you’. The Korean translation for ‘you’ has many words and options depending on the circumstance and who you’re talking to. If you didn’t know already, unlike English, referring … Read more

학 Words Part 2 – English Meaning and More

Just as promised, here’s part 2 to ‘학’ words in Korean. You can find part 1 here. IN future posts, we will cover other Hanja as well so look forward to those! List of vocabulary in this infographic: 어학 (eo-hak) = Language learning 언어학 (eo-neo-hak) = Linguistics 학습 (hak-seub) = Learning, studies 복학생 (bok-hak-saeng) = … Read more

학 Words – Meaning in English and More

‘학’ (hak) words are common words that you will come across while studying Korean. It’s easy to see why since ‘학’ is derived from the Hanja character ‘學’ and it means to learn, study, or basically anything with school. This is a good example of how knowing the Hanja for certain words will help you … Read more

How to Say ‘Moon’ in Korean

Today, we have a simple vocabulary word for you to learn. We’re going to learn how to say ‘moon’ in Korean. We’ll also go through variations and related words to help with your vocabulary bank. Let’s  get going! 달 (dal) Some people get this word confused with ‘딸’ which has a stronger pronunciation at the … Read more

How to Say ‘Life’ in Korean

What is the meaning of life? Depending on your beliefs, this could vary. But let’s not get into deep topics like that here 🙂 Today, we’re covering five words that convey ‘life’ in Korean. Each one has a slightly different nuance and is used differently from one another. If you mistakenly use one meaning when … Read more

Bon Appétit! – How to Say ‘Eat’ in Korean

If it’s one thing you should know about Korean culture, it’s that eating is a big part of it. It’s a communal thing for people to enjoy and even eating alone is seen as something weird to do (although this is changing and more and more people don’t care about eating alone). You can even … Read more

Brrrr – How to Say ‘Cold’ in Korean

Korean is known for having many ways to say one action or feelings. For example, there are many ways to say the verb ‘wear’ depending what you are putting on. For the word ‘cold’ this also applies. In English, the word cold is used for the temperature of the weather, temperature of a drink, how … Read more