How to say apple in Korean

How to Say Apple in Korean

Our last featured the Korean word for , so go take a look if you haven’t already. For today, we’re looking at how to say apple in Korean. It is probably one of the first and easiest ‘fruit’ words to learn. Namely, because a lot of people like apples and […]

Post Office Words in Korean

Words in this infographic: 우체국 (woo-che-guk) = post office 우체통 (woo-che-tong) = mailbox 주소 (ju-so) = address 우표 (woo-pyo) = stamp 편지 (pyeon-ji) = letter 엽서 (yeop-seo) = postcard 상자 (sang-ja) = box 봉투 (bong-tu) = envelope 소포 (so-po) = parcel, post