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Line Webtoon Episode #25: Swimming in Korea

You might remember this one from last year. This is still one of my biggest pet peeves here so I just prefer going to the beach and swimming. However in winter, you pretty much have no choice but to swim inside unless you want hypothermia.

Check out the episode here and don’t forget to share, rate, like, and comment to help us out!

Swimming in Korea

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Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our most recent contest. Your responses were awesome and it was cool hearing about where everyone wants to go for their next vacation.

The two winners are:



Please email us at with your address and which product you would like from our store. Good luck next time to everyone!

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Contest Giveaway Time!

So we recently just passed 10,000 fans on Facebook and wanna celebrate by having another contest giveaway for you guys. This contest is very simple. There are two steps:


1.Comment below by filling in this question:

“For my next vacation, I want to go to ___________.” If you want to add why, that’s cool too but you don’t have to.

2. Head over to the Line Webtoon Challenge League and rate our webtoon if you haven’t already. This is actually optional as we can’t check anyways. We just wanna take this chance to ask for your support in helping Dom become a featured artist on Line Webtoons 🙂

That’s it! We will choose only two winners this time at random, and those two winners will be able to choose one product from our store they want, and we will send you that product at no charge. You will also get two sheets of stickers.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday.

Good luck everyone 🙂

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Line Webtoon: “What Are You Gonna Do When You Retire?”


For some reason I randomly thought of this question the other day. I think this is a question that many people think about. We all would like to have the free time to enjoy what we want now, but it’s so ingrained into most of us to wait until we are almost dead to do it. What would you do with your free time? Read the full episode here.

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Video of Our Trip to Jeju Island

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New Line Webtoon: Basketball Couple



I definitely didn’t expect this and felt like i got hustled lol. Money is a great motivator for Hyo I guess. Check out the full episode over at Line. Also, for those of you who saw our Facebook post and voted for us, it has really helped a lot! We appreciate it and we hope to continue making more for you guys.

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