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Visiting Korea vs Living in Korea

Visiting Korea vs. Living in Korea

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Living in Korea Bingo


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A few of the Common Hand Gestures in Korea

Hand Gestures in Korea

A few of these have been used by Koreans for awhile but others are recent.

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Popular Chain Names in Korean

Chain names in Korean

Quick one for today. Saying the names of these restaurants with in your English accent in Korea will only get you blank stares. We will make a short video about this soon.

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Reasons to go to the PC Bang


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Life in Korea: Shoes Inside & Forgetting Things

Forgot Something Shoes Inside Korea

I’m sure you know by now that everyone in Korea takes their shoes off when they get home. I like it because it makes sense and keeps germs and dirt from tracking inside the house. However, it is really annoying when you’ve tied up your shoes and are ready to go, but you’ve realized you forgot your wallet…or bus card…or credit card, etc.

You are presented with a choice. Choose wisely. Which one do you do if you forgot something?

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